Health Assessments

Health is a complex concept that combines physical, social and mental dimensions that change across the lifespan progressing towards a state of well-being and away from disease. Although each dimension requires attention, physical condition is easily defined as the risk factors of physical fitness and chronic disease are measurable and unambiguous.

Naturally the level of health fluctuates as environmental changes occur, the effects of genetic makeup surface and by the choices an individual makes. Good physical health is the result of regular physical activity, a suitable diet and adequate rest yet in the current ‘time poor’ society many find difficult to obtain.

In order to make changes to the amount of physical activity and exercise you achieve a baseline assessment of your current state of physical health is essential.

At Life Fit Cairns we:

  • Review your medical and physical activity history
  • Perform risk assessment to determine the safety of exercise prescription
  • Identify risk factors for chronic disease
  • Utilise the following assessments to determine your current state and negotiate your future goals