Fighting Frailty and Aging

Frail (2)Aging is not synonymous with poor health. Our physical capabilities peak between late adolescence and around 30 from then on there is a gradual decline in the structure and function of our bodies influenced by both genetics and the environment. Sarcopenia or the loss of the muscle mass in quantity and quality results in a reduction in strength, combined with the reduction in bone mass our elderly are susceptible to falls and fractures. While these losses cannot be reversed those who continue to be physically active may delay the effects of aging.

Frailty is a condition in which deficits in physiological and psychological function accumulate with diminishing social interaction placing the person at increased vulnerability to prolonged illness and slow recovery from injury. This complex concept ranges in severity may be indicated by reduced physical activity, muscle weakness, subjective fatigue, slow gait speed and weight loss which is often unintentional. The slow accumulation of signs and symptoms and lack of social network means these people often go unnoticed for long periods of time. Exercise has been proven to be an effective intervention to restore function or delay the process.

Life Fit Cairns provides the following services for frailty and preventing decline in aging:-

  • Strength and functional assessment
  • Exercise prescription for strength and endurance
  • Aerobic conditioning programs
  • Hydrotherapy