Chronic Pain Management

Pain shoulder (1)Universally the common thread in chronic pain management is maintaining a healthy lifestyle with movement being the key. Movement is essential for every cell in the body to function properly. Without activity our bodies lose muscle, our joints become stiff, posture changes, obesity becomes an issue and we become deconditioned.

In Australia the number of people who will suffer extended periods in pain in their lifetimes is reported as one in five. Many believe the number to be much higher as the very young and those elderly with severe cognitive impairments are not accounted for. Even though our understanding continues to improve the difficulty remains in the subjective nature of pain, no two people will experience pain in the same way.  Chronic pain is debilitating affecting not only our lives and our occupations but the people around us.

At Life Fit Cairns individual client assessment is imperative for understanding the current level of physical activity and how this level can be improved. We understand the consequences of long term inactivity and the fear – avoidance cycle that exists with chronic pain by providing graded activity programs that reintroduce activity into daily lives. Education on the physiological effects of exercise and how to be active during a “flare-up” are priorities.

Our focus is the long-term commitment of our clients to self-managed activity programs.

The location of these services is based on client preference either at the client’s home or at a mutually agreed site.

Life Fit Cairns provides the following services for chronic pain management:-

  • Strength and functional assessment
  • Exercise prescription for strength and endurance
  • Aerobic conditioning programs
  • Hydrotherapy